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I love La Dulce Vida CBD products, can I sell them?

Absolutely! “La Dulce Vida” offers the opportunity to individuals and business entities to sell LDV products as an Independent Distributor. You are welcome to apply and ultimately be a “La Dulce Vida” Independent Distributor.


What is an Independent Distributor?

An Independent Distributor simply purchases “La Dulce Vida” products in bulk at a discount, and then they sell the product at Manufacturer’s Suggested “Retail” Price (MSRP) to their customers. The opportunity allows you to have control of your profit, set your own schedule, and create opportunities to sell products. For additional information, please visit Agreement complete with Terms and Conditions.

At this time there is not a monthly minimum or yearly quota to keep your account active. We are not an MLM company and therefore do not have teams with Uplines and Downlines. This frees you up to run your business the way that works best for you.


How do I create an account?

You are invited to fill out the required application, and upon acceptance of the Agreement with Terms and Conditions, your application will be reviewed. You should expect an account approval email that will include details and instructions on the next steps. **The application process can take up to 3 business days. Applicants will be notified by a personalized email from “La Dulce Vida” Customer Service when their account is active. Please contact Customer Service at if you do not receive your Welcome email in three business days.


Can anyone be an Independent Distributor?

This opportunity is currently available for individuals to participate! The opportunity is being offered to participants that are 18 years of age or older and located within the United States.


As an Independent Distributor will there be a minimum purchase requirement?

Yes.  The minimum order levels and discounts are as follows:

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

  Discount %

6 of a SKU


9 of a SKU


12 of a SKU



**Discount applies to MSRP and not Corporate sponsored sales, promotions and specials**  There currently is not a monthly or yearly minimum purchase requirement to maintain an active Independent Distributor Account.


Do you provide me with a personal website on which to sell?

With our current “Independent Distributor” program you are solely responsible for creating a personal website to sell the product. As an “Independent Distributor”, you are responsible for creating, maintaining, and any fees associated with a personal website and ensuring that it fully complies with the Independent Distributor Agreement.


As an Independent Distributor, will there be products offered in bulk pricing?

Yes! Various products will be made available in bulk discount pricing. Items will appear in your catalog once logged in and will count toward your minimum order requirement for the discount benefit to be applied.


What, if any, “La Dulce Vida” Independent Distributor social support is provided?

“La Dulce Vida,” by means of a Professional Facebook Group, supports and encourages professional camaraderie and sustained friendships within the “LDV” professional community. The Professional Facebook Group is an online professional community “CLOSED” to only members, who can at this time submit admin approved posts for the purpose of uplifting, sharing ideas, praising and other positive and professional outreach. Please refer to the pinned post within the group for all guidelines. As the group grows so will changes begin taking place to keep true to its purpose.


Will “La Dulce Vida” refer customers to Independent Distributors?

Yes; when a customer reaches out to Customer Service regarding opportunities for Independent Distributors “La Dulce Vida” will refer them to a local distributor(s) at its discretion.


When does “La Dulce Vida” release new products?

This will vary.  We are always looking to create beneficial and effective products. That’s where you can help us!  Often product ideas come from our friends, family and loyal customers (you) and we recommend sharing any ideas


How will taxes and shipping be assessed?

Sales Tax will be collected at point of sale for COLORADO shipping addresses only. Products shipped to any other state will not be charged sales tax at the point of purchase. You will be responsible for remittance of all applicable sales tax according to your state requirements for any product that is resold. Shipping will be charged at the point of purchase of a flat fee. Products ordered by an Independent Distributor will be verified, packaged, and shipped within 72 hours of clearance of payment. For backorder products, shipping times may vary.


What marketing materials, if any, will “La Dulce Vida” provide?

An Independent Distributor for “La Dulce Vida” will have access to the Visual Library, filled with professional images of the product and ideas. There will also be “La Dulce Vida” business flyers and brochures available for download.


How and where will I be able to sell my “La Dulce Vida” product as an Independent Distributor?

The control is in your hands and the possibilities are endless!  Be sure to check with your local and state laws regarding the sale of Hemp CBD products.

Here are some approved ideas of location LDV products are currently being sold.

  • Personal Unique Business Websites* (must sell other products, not just LDV products.)
  • Public Events*
  • Home Parties*
  • Brick & Mortar Stores*

*Please review all details regarding opportunities as well as restrictions in the Agreement complete with Terms and Conditions


I have additional questions, where can I go for answers?

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  We invite you to reach out to our Customer Service department for questions and assistance in your business. Please direct all questions to